Equality Impact Assessments

Meeting the equality duty in policy and decision-making

Equality and Human Rights Commission guidance says that the general equality duty requires the CCG to have due regard to the aims of the general equality duty when making decisions and setting policies. To do this, it is necessary for decision-makers to understand the potential impact of their decisions on people with different protected characteristics and to identify potential mitigating steps to reduce or remove adverse impacts. This should help to ensure that the policy is fully effective for different groups of people.

The equality law does not set out a particular process for assessing impact on equality that public sector organisations have to follow. Given this, the CCG has developed an Equality Impact Assessment Template.

An Equality Impact Assessment or EIA, is a tool staff can use to make sure that the services we commission meet the needs of diverse patient groups, and address health inequalities.   

Here is a list of equality impact assessments we have completed:

Extended access hubs EIA.pdf [pdf] 289KB

FOI Policy (May 2018) Equality Impact Assessment.pdf [pdf] 222KB

Domestic Violence Abuse Policy for CCG Staff.pdf [pdf] 79KB

Equality analysis West Hampshire CCG Mobile Devices Policy.pdf [pdf] 58KB