Managing your medicines: medicine review

Regular medication reviews are necessary to ensure that you are prescribed the appropriate medication safely with the necessary monitoring such as blood tests. This form is to help you prepare for your medication review at either your GP surgery or community pharmacy and to help you think about whether there is anything about your current medication that you wish to discuss.

Please download our medication review form and complete before visiting your GP or community pharmacist.

Our easy read version is available here:  Easy read medication review form

Managing your medicines

Managing your medicines

West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group manages the budget for local NHS services.

Last year we spent over £1 million on prescriptions for medications which are available to buy over the counter at pharmacies and supermarkets. These include pain killers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen, cough and cold remedies, antihistamines for allergies and insect bite relief, creams for dry skin and complementary treatments. 

Medications are often less expensive to buy yourself compared with the cost to the NHS, which also includes the cost of dispensing the medication, doctor’s appointment and processing the prescription.




You can make a difference by

  • Buying simple treatments for minor ailments and self-limiting conditions without requesting a prescription. 
  • Seeking advice from your local community pharmacist who will often be able to advise on the best course of treatment. 
  • Only ordering the medication you need and make sure you don't build up a stock of unused medications as these cannot be reused and need to be destroyed. 
  • Asking your GP if it is possible to buy anything over the counter to help you manage your symptoms

The NHS is changing prescribing over the counter medicines click here for more information

Do you have a question about your medicines, prescription charges or travelling abroad?

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