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New health check system for care home residents 

A senior nurse from West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) will be speaking at a national summit on sepsis on Tuesday 27 November.

Matthew Richardson, the CCG’s deputy director of nursing, will be sharing the CCG’s experience of introducing a hospital-based early warning system in local care homes to help staff decide if a resident is just a bit under the weather or at risk of a serious illness like sepsis.

When they see that a resident is becoming unwell, they can use the system called Restore 2 to combine these ‘soft signs’ with standard observations using a National Early Warning Score, and get the right level of urgent or emergency help. 

The National Early Warning Score returns a score between 0 and 20 based on the results of:

  • Breathing rate
  • Blood oxygen level
  • Blood pressure
  • Pulse 
  • Level of consciousness or new confusion*
  • Body temperature

Patients with a score of five or more are at serious risk of severe illness and poor recovery and need urgent assessment and treatment.

The system is used routinely in hospitals but generally not in community settings.

West Hampshire CCG is trailblazing the roll out to care homes and has already had enquiries from colleagues in Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Somerset and Berkshire who are keen to learn about the CCG’s initiative.  

Matthew Richardson said: “We are absolutely delighted to share our experiences at such a high profile national summit.

“We are grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our local care homes who have really run with Restore 2.

“We know it works – care homes have told us that because of the CCG’s initiative they have been able to identify residents at risk and prevent them from getting really ill.”

The CCG is now planning to expand Restore 2 to care agencies that support people in their own homes.