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New website to link paid carers with local vacancies

People looking for a rewarding career in Hampshire can now register on a new website that puts them directly in contact with those seeking a Personal Assistant (PA) in Care.

A PA in Care is an important and caring role to support someone to live an independent and active life. Their exact tasks vary depending on the needs of the person for whom they care, but could include help with washing and dressing, preparing meals, driving or household tasks such as cleaning and laundry.

More and more people are managing their own care needs by taking control of their budgets and directly employing either full or part time PAs in Care. 

The Hampshire PA Finder website, which has been designed and created by NHS West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group, Hampshire County Council, voluntary sector partners and individuals and their families who already use PAs in Care, will link PAs in Care with people who want to employ them.

Both employers and potential PAs in Care are being urged to register their details at

People who are curious to find out more should come along to the information sessions at Fareham Library on Friday 11January 2019 - 10-11.30am, 2-3.30pm, 5-6.30pm, or Saturday 12 January 2019 – 10-11.30am.  

The free ‘Pathways to Employment’ course is being held every Saturday from 19 January to 9 February 2019 at the Holiday Inn, Fareham (Titchfield) and will help people realise they do have skills to work in care. 

Jenny Steeples, whose daughter Claire is supported by PAs in Care, has helped develop the Hampshire PA Finder website.

Jenny said: “This new website means we are able to register our vacancies for free and contact people who have signed up for work in the same place.

“As an employer we have been advertising through general recruitment websites.  The Hampshire PA Finder website is much more tailored to the needs of the employers as well as the people looking for work as a PA in care. It also raises the profile of a PA.”

Jenny is also a trustee of the CPS Trust, which employs daughter Claire’s PAs, added: “The role of a PA in Care is very flexible and fits round families, college courses or other part time roles.  It also provides a perfect stepping stone to a future career in healthcare, social work and many others areas.” 

Caroline Larkins, Claire’s former PA in Care, who is now a Social Worker with Hampshire County Council, said: “I cannot list the amount I have learnt these past three years. I may no longer be Claire's PA but she will forever be my friend.

“What you learn can lead you anywhere, skills applicable to life in general.  You are not only changing Claire’s life but also yours. It’s not just a job, it’s supporting a friend.” 

Klodjan Merkaj is currently one of Claire’s PAs. He said: “Before becoming a PA in Care I had worked in residential care homes for 10 years. I have never felt so alive, so satisfied to be part of something so rewarding. It is an amazing feeling: you are there not just as a PA but as a friend, as part of a family. I would never change this for anything in the world.” 

Robert Steeples is Claire’s brother and PA team manager.  He added: “I am making a difference to her life, there is such a variety of things to do daily, that I can enjoy as well as Claire.”

For more information about employing a Personal Assistant in Care for yourself or a loved one, or becoming a Personal Assistant in Care, visit: